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Physical Education

Desert Trails Elementary School offers all students Physical Education as one of our rotating special classes each week.

While many students look upon Physical Education as the "fun" part of the day, it plays as important a role in student development as classroom work. The goal is to encourage fitness through physical activity and nutritious eating habits, which contribute to a healthier and happier life.

Putting the 'Education' in Physical Education

Research suggests that physical activity helps students become more receptive to learning in the classroom, by improving concentration and reducing stress.

Physical education is required of all students in grades K-6, as mandated by state law and district policy. Students are required to wear tennis shoes or rubber-soled shoes that have been approved by the P.E. teacher. Students wearing inappropriate shoes will not be allowed to participate in class and may not receive credit for achieving class goals.

Students may be excused from P.E. if a physical problem exists. If an excuse is necessary, the following procedure is to be followed:

  • A parent must send a signed note requesting that a child be excused from P.E. the note should state the reason for the request, and the dates for which the child should be excused. The note may be honored for three consecutive days.
  • After receiving a note from the parent, the nurse will give the student a pass that will excuse the student from not more than three classes.
  • Students needing an excuse for more than three consecutive P.E. classes must bring a note from a physician stating the reason for the excuse and the length of time the student will need to be excused.
  • Students who have been out with a doctor’s excuse shall require a written release from the attending physician before returning to activities unless the original physician-written request provides a return to activity date

For more information specific to Desert Trails Elementary, please email Coach Brown.