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Drop Off & Pick Up

In order to keep our children as safe as possible, we need to make sure that all parents are following the rules of the road and Desert Trails safety procedures. 


Morning Drop Off Procedures


K-6th Car Drop Off:

Drop off lanes are available from 8:15-8:45 a.m.

  • Enter via Cashman and Pathfinder (East Lot Entrance)

  • Kindergartners (and older siblings) use the right lane

  • 1st-6th graders use the left lane

  • Pull all the way forward (to the furthest gates)

  • Do not attempt to pass a stopped vehicle.

  • Students may exit the vehicle once it has pulled up and come to a complete stop.

    • Kindergartners and older siblings on the passenger side

    • 1st - 6th grades on the driver side

  • Have backpacks, water bottles and jackets ready to go.  

  • Parents should NOT get out of their cars to assist children. It will slow down the traffic flow. 

  • If children need assistance, kindly ask the drop off attendant to assist or circle back around to the East parking lot.

  • Please stay OFF your phone.

  • Be kind and mindful of those behind you.

  • Gates to the lanes will close at 8:40 AM

Pre-K “Kiss & Go” Car Drop-Off:

  • LIttle Scholars & Self-Contained Gifted Pre-K begins drop off at 8:55 AM. Please do not enter early, as we need to allow for the school buses to unload and exit.

  • Please pull as far forward as possible to keep the line moving, and do not let your children get out of the car until you have pulled all the way forward

  • Students should exit the car curbside only

  • Have backpacks, water bottles and jackets ready to go

  • Parents should NOT get out of their cars in the Kiss & Go. It will slow down the traffic flow

  • Please yield to buses

Dismissal Information

  • Kindergarten will be dismissed at 3:10 p.m.

  • Grades 1st - 6th will be dismissed at  3:15 PM:

  • Little Scholars and Gifted Preschools dismiss at 2:55 p.m. Use North Lot “Kiss & Go” lane to pick up and sign out quickly. 

  • Mascot Club is open until 6:30 pm. Use the East parking lot/pick up area. 

  • There are bus services before and after school for neighborhood students and students enrolled in Boys & Girls Club.

Dismissal Procedures

The Car Pick Up Lane is ideal for ALL students (K-6). Parents are asked to remain in their cars and to not congregate on the sidewalks. 

Car Riders:

  • Car Pick Up Lane- Enter via Cashman and Pathfinder (East Lot Entrance)

  • The K-6 pick up line begins to move after dismissal at 3:15 p.m.

  • THE NORTH LOT IS FOR BUSES ONLY. No cars are to enter the North Parking Lot at dismissal for any reason.

  • Be sure you have placed the provided card (last name in large clear print) in the front passenger window of your car or on your car’s visor. 


  • Students will exit out of designated exits, use sidewalks, and cross the street in designated crossing zones

  • ONLY Kinder and 1st grade walkers must have a parent meet students at designated locations

  • Kinder Walkers - front of school

  • 1st Grade Walkers - from Kinder playground


Important Reminders

  • NO PARKING in EITHER LOT at any time during dismissal

  • BE CAREFUL when pulling in and out of the lot. Many students and parents are walking, or riding bikes and scooters. Pedestrians have the right of way, so PLEASE go slowly and be alert!

  • Please be courteous to all drivers. If there are lines of cars trying to enter the lot from both directions, please take turns so the traffic continues to flow in both directions.



  • The speed limit is 15 mph in a school zone. PLEASE DO NOT SPEED